looking for a portable laptop for DOS games

  • Hi everyone,

    I've been searching everywhere but there is not enough demand that my questions are easily answerable with a google search.

    I am currently looking for a netbook or notebook that is preferably 13.3" and UNDER $300 that can run DOSbox with most <2000 games. I will be traveling a bit in March and throughout the summer and waiting around in airports or long flights are a drag. Mobile games just don't entertain me enough.

    I have been searching thinkpads, dells, acers, everything. But I have no source to go to that compares what processors are the best for DOSbox. RAM and hardrive space isn't much of a priority for me.

    If anybody has a better source I can go to or knows from hands on experience PLEASE let me know. I will keep this tab open for about a week before I purchase something as I have a flight in about three weeks.


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  • Hello

    Search a Lenovo X201 Laptop in Ebay.
    Cost ~$200.- and is good enough for dos gaming.
    the Processor is a dualcore I5 with 2,5Ghz and ram is mostly 4gb of it.
    with a SSD is this Laptop a very fast "nice part of high tec"

    dosbox, winuae, PSX and other software, with this Type you never get Problems in Gaming.

    I hopy i can Help You !

    greetings from Germany

  • So, as I understand.
    You are on the search for a modern laptop computer (windows 7 and up) capable of running DOSBox (and maybye other emulators - PCem)
    and a decent battery capacity.

    As far as I know DOSbox isn't that hardware demanding for todays standards.
    Any laptop with a i3 or equiv. , used or new, would be perfectly capable for your tasks.

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