GPIB via DOS emulation/legacy hardware upgrade

  • Hello all,

    I have a user with an Olympus UH3 acoustic microscope, circa 1988 that communicates via a GPIB ISA card on an '286 HP Vectra PC.
    We would like to update the computer to something sustainable, and I'm looking for sugestions. Hopefully, somebody has some experience with DOS programs on more modern equipment.
    I am considering the purchase of a PCI based GPIB IEE-488.2 card, but I'm wondering what the latest hardware / OS combination is that wants to communicate via direct hardware access (interrupts, etc.).

    Does anybody have any experience running on emulated DOS on things like this require direct hardware access? If not, suggestions on running actual DOS would be appreciated. I have an old Pentium III that I would like to try and at least support a VGA monitor and IDE hard drives. This HP '286 belongs in a museum .


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